Monday, September 13, 2010

20. and 19. The Great Coin Exchange

I really like my title! (ha!)
In the city of Chicago parking is no longer based on a meter system. Mayor Daly sold the rights to the meters to a private company that now over charges (albeit true) the cars of Chicago. But these hideous boxes have these small change return holes. At least once a week, I see people who are homeless or even college students checking these trays for spare change someone may have forgotten. So, I decided that that I am going to leave 50 cents in each of these pay boxes that I come across. Hopefully, I can help someone park who is short change or help someone buy something to eat. Either way, every little cent counts.

I am also going to do the same in pop machines around my campus. How many times have you gone to grab a Pepsi and you are short on change. So, the birthday fairy shall strike again!
21 for 21!

Friday, September 10, 2010

21. The CTA Card (In No Particular Order)

Number 21. (in no particular order) is the CTA Transit Card. As we know, I live in the lovely Chicago. People are going to be swarming this lovely weekend and what better feeling when you are in a rush to have someone pay for your CTA ride? There isn't a worse feeling when you are in a hurry, you slip your card in and it tells you, you are out of money on the card. Honestly, the look is heartbreaking if you know the feeling of just missing a train that could make or break your day.Hopefully, I can prevent that for some people. :)

Back on the Map!


I am finally BACK! School has started and now I am in the full swing of things! Senior year is here! (HOLLLLLA!) Now that the year has started, it is officially 30 DAYS until 10-10-10! I am so excited to get prepared for this awesome day! I also want to say thanks for the support! So, here goes the list count down!
21 for 21